Saturday, April 23, 2011

Inspirational Eye Candy

I was thinking that it would be fun on Saturday's to give you a few link to few of my favorite things that I have found over the week while blog surfing. I am not saying that this will be an every week occurrence, because well the weekends at our house can get a little bit hectic. I know that this happens at your places too!

But anyway, this week I found some great stuff. Check this out:
Mini Bookshelves at the Sweet Survival. Isn't that the coolest shelf for a kids room? I am so going to do this is my boys room - maybe then they will keep all their books in one place.
Pretty-fied sheet set from Moda Bake Shop. I love how a little bit of fabric really dresses up this sheet set. I want to do this to all my guest sheet sets - even too a couple of mine!
Spring Garden Markers by a Bird and a Bean. Simple and easy - I think that this would make a great gift for a few of my gardening friends.
Pedestal bowls from a Diamond in the stuff. I need one of these for by my kitchen sink. When I take off my jewelry to do dishes and clean I just set it there, and I am always afraid that I will lose them. This would be perfect!
and lastly I have some Paper Punched Easter Eggs from Nikki in stitches. How classy and fun are these eggs?! I am thinking that I might have to try this next year!

I hope that you all have a great Easter, and check back Monday and I will post the winner of our fabulous ring!
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