Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Custom Coloring

I know that all of us have those projects that sit around for a while because you just cannot find that last perfect finishing touch. I am super excited though because as I was strolling through Hobby Lobby earlier this week I had one of the ah-ha moments.

You all know that I love flowers - and if you didn't let me tell you I L.O.V.E. flowers. But last year when my sister was just stopping through, she showed me this quilt pattern online. It is called LuLu's yoyo's from Pie Plate Patterns. It is free - which is great and you can get it here. But I just loved it and I had never made a yo-yo flower before.

I watched a couple u-tube videos on how to make them, then raided my stash and found I had everything I needed to make this quilt. So I got to work. But then I could never find the right rick-rack for my stems. So I set the quilt aside and almost a year later it hit me.

I could make my own custom coloring for my rick-rack. Rick-rack was on sale 50% off this week so I bought a couple of rolls of white that would be perfect for dying.

I then mixed up a water paint solution to the color I wanted. I should mention that I had not pulled the quilt out and so I was going by memory of what color I wanted. Not the best plan, but now I have to make it work! And yes that is a old toothbrush I am using to mix this all up.

I added my rick-rack to the paint water and mixed it a little.

I then was trying to decide where I could hang this to dry. It was a nice day outside and so I decided that I would hang it outside. Now I do not have a cloths line, so I clipped up to my pine tree. And it worked and dried super fast.

And you get a beautiful sage green colored rick-rack. It did turn out a little bit darker then the paint water, and I wish it had a little more lime green to it, but oh well.
Then I sewed it onto my quilt top, and now I just have to quilt it and place the flowers and I will be done. I am so excited about this being done - maybe more so because I found what I was looking for.
Here is my little one helping me place the yo-yo flowers onto the quilt. He usually likes to walk to the middle and sit down when I lay my quilts out to take a picture, so I was happy that he wanted to help on the side.

Now I have to decide what color I want my borders to be. I am thinking that darker red color for the big outside and maybe a green one for the skinny inside one. Any thoughts?
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  1. love the quilt, nice idea for the ric rac. as for the borders,I think what you have mentioned will be nice. I like to use a darker color on the outside to close it all in.

  2. Yes exactly what you said, green skinny one and darker red outside, that would be great! What a creative idea to paint your own ric rac!

  3. How very clever of you! Reminded me of Sense and Sensibility where the girls are dying their ribbons! Perfect!

  4. oh this is great! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  5. Pretty!! Thanks for lining up to Make Something Mondays! Can't wait to see what you've made this week!

    ~ Sarah

  6. I can never find just the right shade of rick rack or binding... I should give this a try!


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